::About me::

I'm just a lonely 19 years old cyberspace witch known as Nova on the internet.

I'm a hobby dev in my spare time , but I also like gaming and I love cats.

I was born in 2001/06/05 , literally before the 9/11 incident. My horoscope sign is Gemini.

I do not have any real life friends , at least in the physical world. But on the wired that is quite different.

I like listening to music , my favorite music genres are Chiptunes/Demoscene , J-Pop , J-Rock , Pop and Rock.

I do like watching anime as well , hence my liking of music from Japanese origin.

Sometimes my physical location correlates with my public IP address , sometimes not.

Currently I'm doing experiments with the Gemini and Gopher internet protocols and also doing some SSH stuff

Languages : English (fluent), French (currently learning) , German (currently learning) , Italian (currently learning) , Japanese (currently learning) , Spanish (fluent)

Pronouns : originally he/him , but I do not mind being called she/her or any other pronoun.

Sexual orientation : asexual

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::Social media::

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